Ripser.py is an evolution of the original C++ Ripser project. We have put extensive work into making the package available to Python developers across all major platforms. If you are having trouble installing, please let us know by opening a github issue.


Ripser.py is available on Pypi. To install, you’ll first need Cython.

pip install Cython
pip install Ripser


import numpy as np
from ripser import ripser, plot_dgms

data = np.random.random((100,2))
diagrams = ripser(data)['dgms']
plot_dgms(diagrams, show=True)

Note that there is also a Rips object with the same functionality, which conforms to the Scikit-learn API.


Ripser.py is available under an MIT license! The core C++ code is derived from Ripser, which is also available under an MIT license and copyright to Ulrich Baeur. The modifications, Python code, and documentation is copyright to Christopher Tralie and Nathaniel Saul.